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About the Artist
On Style

Through my artwork I try to remind people that it's the simplest things that can bring the greatest joys in life.

My style is considered to be "romantic realism" and I hope that my artwork is found to be charming, colorful, and uplifting to the spirit.  I use mainly watercolor and colored pencil with some inks and acrylics as inspiration dictates.  

I draw and paint everything by hand, which I believe is a wonderful and unique difference from the ordinary computer generated imagery commonly found in today's market place.

I've lived in Ohio my entire life and finally bought an old farm and moved to the "country" in 1985.  Surrounded by woods and pastures, I've been delighted daily by all the many creatures and wild things that grow and live all around. My studio is here in my house where every glance out of a window or foray out the door can surprise me with something new.... I just never know what I'll see next to charm or inspire me!!